Statue Park

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by jg_heidelberg on April 20, 2005

Getting to the Statue Park is a 90-minute excursion (transfers from strassenbahn/tram to bus) to the hills out of town. The marketing is excellent, but the site itself is quite disappointing. Even with several large, impressive statues, there is not enough to hold your interest more than 30 minutes. The sparse landscaping of the park and bathrooms gives it a real Soviet-era feel. I spent 5 hours total for a visit. Only go if you have a week or so in Budapest. Also note that it's very muddy, so be ready for some dirty clothes if you go in the rain.
Memento Statue Park
Bathori utca, 22
Budapest, Hungary, 1054
+36 1 424 7500

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