Lachine Rapids Tours

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Constance on July 17, 2002

WET! Very, Very Wet. We'd been rafting before and loved it so figured we'd give this a try. This will put rapids into a whole new category. Instead of sitting in a little rubber raft and going down them once, you are in a large jet powered boat that takes you up and down them over and over.

The captain knows just when to put the boat in reverse so hundreds of gallons of water come crashing over the bow and sides of the boat and land directly on you. My mascara was running down my face after the first wave and totally off by the second!

It's scary, thrilling, wet, cold... and yet we all screamed and laughed for more.

Bring along an extra set of clothes for the obvious reasons. They provide lockers there for everything you want to keep dry.

The ride itself is only 30 minutes but you'll be talking about it for hours.

Saute Mouton Lachine Rapids Jet Boat
Clock Tower Pier, Vieux-port
Montreal, Quebec

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