Historic Central Moscow

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Get yourself an English-speaking tour guide - it's well worth it.  Very few sights have English signs, and as a foreigner, you'll wait unnecessarily in line much longer than if you have a local guide to expedite the process.

Red Square looks just like the movies.  You can almost imagine the tanks rolling through and Stalin saluting from atop Lenin's tomb.  Ask your guide about the private plane that landed here near St Basil's.

The Kremlin is an area that has very old cathedrals and is home to The Armory, which is a museum showcasing everything from the Faberge Eggs to Catherine the Great's ball gowns. 

If you have time, take a ride on the subway.  The escalators are huge and the stops are museums in themselves, with paintings, carvings, crystal chandeliers, and gold everywhere.

You can see everything you want to see in 4 hours, and it's all within walking distance.  Highlights include the Red Square, The Armory, St. Basil's, Cathedral of the Assumption, the Diamond Museum, the changing of the guard, Lenin's tomb, and the subway.
Red Square (Krasnaia Ploshchad')

Moscow, Russia, 103012


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