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Graceland may have a reputation as a cheesy attraction for older people, but it can really be quite interesting, or at the very least, amusing as well. It definitely something you should go to see at least once.

Graceland itself is easy to find. Just head south on Interstate 55 to Elvis Presley Boulevard, and then make a right onto it. You will drive a mile or so, and then you will see it. The first thing you will notice is two blue-and-white jet airplanes parked beside the road; Graceland itself is directly across the road from them.

Graceland has a wide assortment of things to look at. There are the planes I mentioned earlier, a car museum, lots of memorabilia, and the mansion itself. The mansion isn’t "huge" by today’s standards, and one of the things that most people say is, "I expected Elvis to have a much bigger house." It’s all decorated in a very 1960/1970s style, with lots of shag carpet, paisley prints, velvet, and bright yellow appliances. There is also a business office, recording studio, racquetball court, fenced-in field with some horses, and a building displaying his records and some of his more outlandish white jumpsuits. There is also his grave site near the pool, which is also home to his family’s remains.

You can do the whole tour, which includes the car museum, planes, other buildings, and house, for $27 (children 7 to 12 are $13, under 7 are free) or choose just to do the mansion for $18. You should really plan to do the whole package just to get the experience. Also, don’t forget to bring a Sharpie or paint marker to write your name on the wall. I think it’s legal, as people do it in broad daylight and the entire wall is covered in messages.

There are hotels close to Graceland, but I don’t recommend them. Graceland is located in a "bad" part of town. It’s very easy to get to, even when staying in an area on the other side of Memphis. The Graceland area is safe during the day, though, and the area directly around Graceland is patrolled by security and police with extra caution. But getting a hotel a few blocks away can lead to car break-ins and other troubles at night. There are also some great places to eat right around Graceland, and if you are looking for authentic Memphis barbeque, any place along E.P. Boulevard is a good bet.

Bring a camera not for the sights, but for the unusual people this destination can attract.

3734 Elvis Presley Blvd.
Memphis, Tennessee, 38116
(901) 322-3322

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