Exploring Cusco

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by drumzspace on February 24, 2005

Cusco is the touristic hub of Peru. If you are off to see anything related to the Incas, you're going to have to eventually step foot in Cusco.

The good news is that it's not a terrible city. There are some good restaurants once you make a little effort to walk off the beaten tourist path, and some good deals are to be had in the handicraft markets away from the crowds.

The bad news is that there *is* the element of "hustling" there. Once in the Plaza del Armas, you are inundated with people trying to get you into their restaurants, kids selling postcards or trinkets, guides offering services, etc. It's a bit much to handle if you've been travelling all day, but walk a block or two away from the plaza and you're left alone.

The bottom line with Cusco is that you will have to go here, if only to rest up on your way to or from Lima. It is also a decent place to act as a base for day trips to much of the Sacred Valley, although there are better deals for lodging in the smaller towns dotting the valley itself.

Exploring Cusco
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