Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by barbara on February 24, 2005

Jackson Hole is a world-class resort known for offering expert terrain. However, the Tetons offer more than cliff-jump entrances, wide bowls, and narrow bump runs. Less advanced skiers can find plenty to do, too!

While I have been skiing since I was 7 years old, I live far, far away from the mountains. If I'm lucky, my ski "season" is 3 to 5 days a year. Still, I'm a strong intermediate. I like steep, fast, and groomed blues, though I'll venture into the black diamonds and get down fine... most of the time. Jackson Hole offers a ton of trails that suited my skill level and a lot more that left me feeling sheepishly humbled. The place is so spread out, I think anyone could find the perfect run at this HUGE resort, even if they're not an expert. A nice thing to note is that the greens and blues are clustered together on one section of the mountain, so lower level skiers won't get in trouble by taking a wrong turn.

As for my kid... He has been on skis several times, but he is a weaker intermediate than I am. While he did go down many blues in California and Colorado with no problems, we made a mistake when we took him up several lifts for his first run at Jackson Hole. Let's just say all blue runs aren't created equal. At JH, there is even a creature called the double blue!

After the first fall, our son developed a major confidence problem. We realized we should've started on green runs until our kid got used to his "ski legs." Or we should have scouted out the conditions at this resort before pointing him down the mountain. Since we didn't do either, the only thing we could do to save his trip was send him to... SKI SCHOOL.

I was surprised to learn that Jackson Hole does not offer 1-hour private lessons, and a half day private was $300-plus. The best option for us was to have our son join a group for $80 for a half day. Kids are grouped together at the Cody House according to their age and ability. We were lucky because my son's "group" consisted of just two boys and the instructor. My son spending the afternoon with another kid on his level and a patient teacher guiding them both through the snow was worth every penny. Sticking to the Apres Vous lift, my son quickly got over his fear of the mountain and rediscovered his sense of control.

Skiing Jackson Hole is no joke, so my best advice would be to make sure you aren't flippant about your ski level—or your child's ski level—as you seek out the trails that will be the most fun for you. I highly suggest a lesson to get you oriented to the mountain... and a helmet rental is a must for kids.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
1405 N Beckley Park Way
Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 83014
(307) 733-7510


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