Senor Frogs

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by caromeow on March 22, 2005

Okay, I have no idea why we came to this bar. It's terrible. Well, if you like the whole crazy, drunk spring breaker scene, then you will like this, but... I mean, it was interesting to just observe for a while the craziness of it all, but we stayed for three whole (cheap) beers and that was too much.

The place is very loud and crazy things happen, like they use a hose to pour very watered down tequila in your mouth (and all over your shirt). Conga lines and other cheesy things also happen. It tends to be drunk spring breakers on the dance floor, and I spotted a few seemingly out-of-place 30-somethings hanging out in the periphery. I think this is a hot spot for cruise people, and it's promoted by a lot of tours and other programs. It is not the best if you want some nice genuine Mexican nightlife, or if you want to have a conversation, etc.
Senor Frog's
Punta Langosta Mall, Second Level
Cozumel, Mexico, 77600

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