Barefoot Landing

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Barefoot Landing is an upscale shopping complex that has a rather nice relaxing atmosphere. It has a rustic, nautical decor which makes it nice to walk around and enjoy the atmosphere even if you are not there to shop.
The walkways are made of wood to look like a pier, so it gives that beachy feeling as you listen to the wood creak with each footstep.

There are also many unique but expensive shops to see if you like shopping, browsing, or window shopping. The window shopping and browsing are free, of course, and with most of the prices here, that is what we did! Most of the shops offer unique items at a price to match. Many of the shops had a beachy theme with rustic nautically decor or nautical things for sale. Not all the shops were pricey though, so you may be able to find the unique treasure at a reasonable price, ready to take home with you.

There is a nice big lake in the middle of the complex with a long wooden bridge going across the middle. You can buy fish food from the little gumball type vending machine. It's like little pebbles of dog food, but the fish love it! We had the most fun watching and feeding the fish! A school of big carp live in the lake and are always waiting for food to descend upon them. When they see people on the bridge, they come over to see if there will be food. When the food starts landing in the water they swarm over each other to get it, even jumping out of the water and laying on top of each other. You can tell they are used to being fed.

There are several restaurants that make good choices for lunch or dinner options, some have a seafood theme, some have outdoor dining. It is nice for a relaxing afternoon or evening activity. Some offer nighttime entertainment.

Barefoot Landing
4898 South Highway 17
North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 29582
+1 843 272 8349

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