City Tour of Florence

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by samer_k on March 16, 2005

We took a morning city tour of Florence. We went to where most tours start, which is the across from the train station. We had a funny tour guide. She was hilarious. I wish I remembered her name, but she was critical, sarcastic, and funny - and she would take a few phone calls as she guided us. It was distracting but funny at the same time!

Anyway, we headed outside the gates of Florence, and from the outskirts we saw a fantastic panoramic view of city - just beautiful you saw the domes of churches and the city gates. Fabulous!

Then we headed towards the famous town square and saw the church and baptism building. Forgive me, but I forgot the names. It is in the famous square with the clock tower, and we toured those and saw the statues in the square, such as Perseus with the head of Medusa.

From there we saw the famous streets and alleyways. Remember, Florence is the home of Pinocchio! We walked until we got to the famous Academia Museum, and unfortunately, you can't take photos, but the most famous statue of them all was the statue of David, and there was also the Prisoners statue. Both are by Michelangelo. It was just unreal.

That was the end of the tour, which took about 3.5 hours, and after that, with the admission ticket, we had the rest of the time to ourselves. There was a lot to see, but we dashed out of there, as we had to catch the next train to Venice.

Next time I would like to spend more time there and maybe even take a tour with a nice lunch!

Florence Tour

Florence, Italy

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