St. Vitus Cathedral

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(Katedrala Sv. Vita) Open: 4/1 to 10/31 9am to 5pm and 11/1 to 3/31 9am to 4pm Photos of the interior of the cathedral can be taken only if you have a ticket, which you can buy at the ticket office inside.

Prague cathedral shares a large square with the Old Royal Palace inside the Prazsky hrad (Prague castle). So here is a beautiful gothic cathedral with a myriad of towers rising high and a large pink-colored but not very impressive royal palace.

The large, bright cathedral is in Gothic style, and all of the chapels of the first floor are covered with amazingly bright stained glass, all of which looks modern. The most impressive stained glass in one of the chapels is Art Nouveau St Cyril and St Methodius by Alfons Mucha. Above the entrance there is a very large neo-Gothic rose window you can’t really see from inside with light coming through it – you can go blind by just looking at it. The north transept is occupied by a huge two-story organ in glorious baroque style. The south transept has beautiful stained glass that covers half the wall. The altar and the choir cover a large portion of the cathedral in the back. There are beautiful chapels surrounding the altar with frescoed walls, gilded gates, older stained glass, and the crypt. St Vitus was a Roman soldier who was a secret Christian, and he was killed by his own parents. King Wenceslas devoted the cathedral to him. King George ordered a large, beautiful tomb for his wife, which is in front of the altar. Above the altar you can see a beautiful stained-glass image of an apparition of Christ. Arches around the choir have royal coats of arms.

The west facade is beautiful from the outside as well, still dominated by the rose window. Two Gothic towers on each side form a three-gate entrance (the left tower is covered in scaffolding). The stained glass of the south transept is covered with gilded ornaments. The gate facing the Royal Palace (called Golden Portal because of the large gilded cage on one of the windows) used to be the main entrance until the 19th century.

St. Vitus Cathedral
Prague Castle
Prague, Czech Republic, 11908
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