Edith Wharton's Estate

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Rose (Bud) on February 8, 2005

The Mount is one of the many gilded age homes located between Great Barrington to the south and Lee to the north in Massachusetts. It is particularly noteworthy for the wonderful gardens and furnishings that date back to Edith Wharton's short stay in the state before moving back to Europe. While the house has a sad history of being used (not too gently) for many purposes between Edith's stay and its present status as a historical site, the ornate hand-carved plasterwork that adorns walls and ceilings, the unique entrance area, and the fantastic awning-ed porches that overlook extravagantly designed gardens have been lovingly restored. The house itself is large, of the type used as summer homes in the late 1800s, and certainly has an opulent feel throughout. We were able to see an exhibit of designer decorating visions while we were at The Mount, based on Edith's writings about the house. The guides are well-informed and helpful and seem to genuinely love being in this gorgeous house. Although admission is not cheap ($15 per person), the glossy pictures in the guidebook are almost worth the price alone!
Edith Wharton Restoration-The Mount
2 Plunkett Street
Lenox, Massachusetts, 01240
(413) 637-1899


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