Member Rating 5 out of 5 by BeachVBBum on February 4, 2005

We visited Alta in 2003 during a two-week Utah trip and enjoyed it quite a lot. It's very different than Deer Valley, Park City, etc. The terrain and snow are hard to beat!

They had installed some new lifts (the old one used to do a double-bounce) that helped quite a bit. Their lifts are still behind the other fancier resorts, but then again, for almost half the price, you get a lot for your money.

The skiing was great, as the whole area had 10'+ of base and there were flurries the whole day. Unfortunately, the day we went was the coldest for a while, with stiff winds. I generally do not have to use hand warmers, boot warmers, etc., but I did that day. It was probably somewhere close to 0F at the top with the windchill. The only other time I remember skiing in colder conditions was in Sugarbush, when it was -42F.

Alta has lots of advanced terrain, including several bowls, chutes, and off-piste areas. Being from Florida, only skiing 3 years and only skiing about 5 to 10 days a year, some of the terrain is a little difficult. I can generally ski single blacks without problems, but I am still learning moguls and don't do too well in deep snow. Alta still has quite a few intermediate and advanced blue runs, though.

The ski conditions were fantastic, and the resort staff, while not numerous, were friendly and helpful. Overall, it was a very good experience again at Alta.

Very highly recommended for intermediate/advanced skiers. Note that Alta does not allow boarders, which is a plus in my book!

Alta Ski Area
10351 E State Highway 210
Alta, Utah, 84092
(801) 742-0101

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