Zagreb by Night - Gornji Grad

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Elia Papillon on December 13, 2004

I went out with some other travellers from the Ravnice Youth Hostel.

We found a reasonably cheap restaurant at the back of Dolac market. I found very little vegetarian food in Zagreb, mostly pizza and pasta. All I needed was something to make a lining in my stomach for the beer that was to come later. Pasta it was.

After dinner we went to Tkalčićeva ulica. All through the day I heard people talk about this street at night, so I wanted to see why. Really, it is different at night. It was summer when I was in Zagreb, and most people were sitting outside. We went to a few different bars on the street. All play different music - and loudly. This is not the place for a quiet drink and to write your journal. When you want a lively night and to bar hop, then it is perfect.

We went to Tolkien’s House for cocktails. The cocktail list is long, but it is only in Croatian. We were with a Slovene girl, so she could tell us about most of the cocktails. Even if you don’t speak Croatian, the staff is quite used to tourists and most speak some English. We sat around tables on the terrace under the heating and sampled several cocktails. They have a large chess set here, and all the pieces are characters from the Lord of the Rings.

Some people went to a nightclub out of the city. The rest of us moved next door to Indy’s. Indy’s is a Mexican bar. There is also a terrace here, and that night they had a live band playing Mexican and Spanish music. You can find also cocktails here, but I decided to sample the large collection of foreign vodka instead. They have many types, Stolichnaya (definitely the best vodka – Russian, of course), Krupnik a Polish honey vodka, Šljivovica a popular Croatian plum brandy, and Travarica a Croatian herbal vodka (something like the Czech drink Becherovka.)

Zagreb is not a cheap place for a night out, especially if you are travelling on a budget. This time I wasn’t; I was here only for a short holiday, but I was conscious of some others from our group.

Also, Zagreb is not a late city. Most pubs, bars, and restaurants close by 11pm.

Friday or Saturday is a good night to go when you want to meet young Croatians.

After Indy’s we walked back to Trg bana J Jelačića and caught a night tram back to the Ravnice Youth Hostel.

Zagreb by Night - Gornji Grad
Zagreb, Croatia

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