Gornji Grad – Kaptol and Gradec. Afternoon

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So you have had a nice lunch at Palainovka. Walk down Radičeva ulica. On the right, you find a small passageway that brings you to the (1) Stone Gate. Originally, this was the medieval Eastern gate to Gradec. Now it is a shrine; people come here to pray and leave flowers. There is a legend that tells of a fire in 1731. The fire destroyed each part of the wooden gate in this place, but not the painting of the Virgin and child. Many believe the painting has some magical powers for protection.

Walk through the stone gate and in front of you, and you will find (2) Trg Svetog Markov. Here you find St. Mark’s Church, the Ban’s Palace, and Sabor (parliament). St. Mark’s Church is one of the best-known sites in Zagreb -- not the church itself so much as the roof. The roof is from 1880 and has bright tiles showing on the left side the medieval coat of arms for Croatia, Slavonia, and Dalmatia. On the right side is the emblem of Zagreb.

If you are standing and looking at the roof in front of you, on the left is the Ban’s Palace. Now, this is the Presidential Palace. In October 1991, it was bombed by the Federal Army. On the right is the Sabor, the Croatian Parliament. It was built in 1910, and from the balcony in 1918 the independence of Croatia was proclaimed.

From Trg Svetog Markov, walk down Ćirilometodska, and at the bottom is the (3) Lotrščak Tower. Built in the 13th century, it was for protection of the south gate of the city. For over 100 years, each day at noon, a cannon is fired. You can climb the tower to look out over the city for 5 KN.

Close to the tower is probably the most unusual pub in Zagreb. It is called (4) Tolkien’s House. By the name, you can tell it is a theme pub for Lord of the Rings. Unlike most theme pubs, this isn’t just a tourist-oriented pub, as you will find many young Croatians here also. Inside the pub, you can find everything from the Lord of the Rings. Outside is a nice terrace with cozy armchairs, books to read, and heating in the evening.

I had my first introduction to Croatia’s most popular beer, Ožujsko, and also became fluent, with proper pronunciation of živjeli!lose by here is the (5) funicular to the lower town. At the bottom of the funicular, if you turn left, you are back at Trg bana J Jelačića, where you started your walk this morning.

Now, it’s time to find something to eat.

Zagreb by Night - Gornji Grad
Zagreb, Croatia


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