The Pro Bowl 2005

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by ideagirl on October 29, 2005

Sports fans will love doin' it island style - nobody, and I mean no sports fan in the country, tailgates like the Hawaiians do. These people have tailgate parties that come complete with costumes, full buffet lunches, live music, and commemorative T-shirts. The parking lot parties are more fun than the game, so get there early and make sure you wander around and join in the aloha spirit.

If you drive, and want to participate, plan on bringing plenty of food and cold beer. Nobody is going to stop you from drinking it. Chairs are a good idea, too, unless you want to stand in the sun for two hours. Don't be surprised if your parking lot neighbor offers you a plate of grilled shrimp or a cold one - there is no angle here except the aloha spririt. Take a few minutes and wander around to see how everyone else is partying, you'll get a kick out of it. It's the best celebration in the world.

Be prepared - no bottles, even water bottles, are allowed in the stadium. They prefer you to bring either see-through bags or only a fanny pack, but last year they allowed in backpacks. Everyone gets searched, including the kids, so don't try to put anything past the gate guys. The security is very tight. Make sure to bring plenty of high-octane sunscreen, and use it liberally. Sunscreen seperates the pros from the amateurs at this game.

Truthfully, I don't give a squat about this particular game - I've seen Pop Warner teams play harder. The players are all trying not to get hurt, and are only going through the motions so they can get back to the beach. But the fun is not in watching the game, the fun is in what is going on all around you. Pre-game, there are bands playing on the causeway between concession stands, and fans from all over the country turn out in their team colors to cheer on their heroes one more time. Raiders fans in full regalia, including masks, raise a ruckus to anyone who cares, and everyone sports a lei.

I have yet to ever pay attention to who won a Pro Bowl, and can barely tell you the difference between the NFC and the AFC, but I always jump at the chance to spend an afternoon at a real Hawaiian fun fest. If you get the opportunity, don't pass it up.

NFL Pro Bowl
99-500 Salt Lake Blvd
Aiea, Hawaii, 96701
+1 808 486 9555

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