Museum of London

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by MissKitty on December 12, 2004

This is the first place to go if you are interested in London history and would like to have some understanding of the things you will see in London during your visit. Right around the corner from our lodgings, we visited the Museum of London on our first day in town. We could easily have spent an entire day there. Although there were a lot of school children, there were very few tourists, and the place was not crowded. It's off the beaten path, and I would guess that most people visiting London aren't familiar with it. But our visit enriched our trip tremendously, and I highly recommend visiting this museum before hitting all the more famous attractions.

The museum is very logically organized and begins with pre-historic England. There is a great deal of information concerning the Roman settlement and occupation of Londinium, which was much more extensive and long-lasting than I had realized. Along with a replica of the interior of a Roman home, one can see a remaining section of the original London Wall. There is also an interesting exhibit with artifacts from the Roman Temple of Mithras.

You move through the medieval period, the Renaissance, and onward through London history. Replica interiors from different eras are very interesting and well-done. The exhibit on the Great Fire of 1666 is particularly compelling.

I plan to return here for a more thorough visit on my next trip. The book shop is very good, and there is a café in the museum for lunch or tea. Near the Barbican and St. Paul tube stations, the museum is easily accessible from anywhere in London.

Museum of London
150 London Wall
London, England, EC2Y 5HN
+44 (207) 814 5613

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