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Member Rating 3 out of 5 by hersplash on January 6, 2005

I had used Old Town Trolley Tours in St. Augustine, Florida. I assumed it would be the same great experience, but it was a bit different. They sell a one-day pass for about $20, offering discounts on their website: Old Town Trolley. I had a three-day one in St. Augustine, and I had to talk the Savannah office into selling me a pass for two days. I like to take a full trip around to get a city overview, note which places I’d like to visit, and then plan the next day with the stops. I know every place is different, and I shouldn’t compare, but with two historical cities and the same tour company, I couldn’t help it. The people in the office were friendly, but not nearly as friendly as they were in St. Augustine. The city was much different than I expected, but so was the quality of the tour.

I generalize this tour as seeing the city squares, historical homes of people I have never heard of, and shopping areas. The company describes itself as offering "colorful anecdotes, humorous stories, and well-researched historical information". As far as I was concerned, it wasn’t humorous, but it was well-rehearsed. The tour guides on both trips were terribly boring, without an ounce of energy.

The town was beautiful, though, despite the lack of interesting sites. There are 21 city squares left of the 24 originally situated in the city. The 22nd one is going back to the city when the parking garage located there is torn down when their lease ends in the next few years. The grass is green in these squares and filled with beautiful trees and flowers. Many have monuments or statues. There was a sad story about the waving lady statue, which you will pass on the tour. This is not factually accurate, but it goes something like this: Apparently, her man had been shipped off for war. Every day, she went to the shore and waited for his return. He never returned, but all the other men that passed by her appreciated her waving welcome.

They have 14 stops, and you can get on and off as much as you like, but you can only take one round trip. The entire loop takes about 90 minutes. The trolley says they run every 20 minutes, but I recall waiting a lot longer at some stops. They stop at the city’s major attractions. These attractions are not near each other, so I don’t suggest attempting to see them by foot. I had no interest in the historical homes, but enjoyed the River Street and City Market shopping areas and the Telfair Museum.

The tours run from 9am to 4:30pm. Although the company is located at 234 MLK Blvd, you do not have to start there. You can purchase tickets at any of the stops. For more info, call 912/233-0083.

Old Town Trolley
Curbside and hotel pick-up
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