Sun Studio

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Tavia on November 10, 2004

This joint oozes cool. You have to come here just to get some of that cool, and it's so thick that it doesn't wear off too quickly either.

So all these founding fathers of rock’n’roll recorded some of their earliest songs here, including Elvis (natch), Roy Orbison, and Jerry Lee Lewis for example-and many contemporary masters like U2 have recorded here as well, ever since some local musician had the genius idea to open it up again as part museum/part studio.

I didn't have the chutzpah, but my friend Emma grabbed the famous microphone that Elvis probably sang into at one time or another and belted out, "It's All Right Mamma!" All the grayhairs who were on the tour with us loved that one (I snapped the picture).

Oh, and since we are, after all, two women on the loose, I will mention that our tour guide was super cute in that rockabilly kind of way. I think he called himself Dakota or something equally earnest/ironic.

The food in the café isn't bad either. We had milkshakes as we waited for the tour to start, and you know we had to buy the Sun Studio shot glasses!

Sun Studio
706 Union Ave.
Memphis, Tennessee, 38103
(901) 521 0664

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