Barri Gotic

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by silverbelle on November 9, 2004

This gothic cathedral is one of many stunning works of architecture in Barcelona. The busy plaza outside is the scene of many almost postcard-perfect pictures (you'll need a wide-angle lens to capture it all -- otherwise, just buy a postcard) and occasional spontaneous sardana dances (a Catalan tradition), in which visitors are welcomed to join in (though there are rules of etiquette you should learn first). Conveniently located near Las Ramblas, the Barri Gotic lures tourists and locals alike into its dark interior. A quaint courtyard garden leads to many separate chambers of worship. Within these chambers, you can witness the strength of religion in Spain. Hundreds of thick, red candles are lit in front of images of Christ, the Virgin Mary, and numerous other saints. A small donation allows you to partake in the tradition by lighting a tealight of your own. Though often packed with tourists, the Barri Gotic is definitely a must-see if you're visiting Barcelona.

Warning: keep your feet, knees, and shoulders covered when entering the cathedral, as it is considered disrespectful to wear revealing clothing in a sacred place. Plenty of tourists walk in with their sandals, shorts, and tank tops, but who wants to be the ugly tourist?

Barri Gotic (Gothic Quarter)
La Rambla To Via Laietana
Barcelona, Spain, 08002

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