The Belfrey

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by rossiste on December 17, 2004

OR the Belfort:

Be ready to climb some stairs! A lot of stairs. 366 to be exact. And like most towers you come across in Europe that date back in time, the stairs seem to get steeper, narrower, and smaller the higher you go. Not good if you are afraid of heights or confined spaces. I could see this stairway getting crowded in high season, but we were then in March, so it wasn’t that bad.

The view at the top is worth the climb, as is the up-close view of the inner workings of the 47 bell carillon.

The view at the top is a 360-degree panoramic view of Bruges. You pretty much can see the extent of the Old Town and the windmills off in the distance. There are some great photo opportunities.

Open 9:30-5pm, Closed Monday

Cost: 5€

Belfry Tower/Belfort of Bruges
Markt Square
Bruges, Belgium

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