The Taproot Theatre

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by MadMax on June 20, 2002

Going into the Taproot Theatre is like walking into someone's living room. It's a small theatre, with the seating arranged around the thrust stage, and this creates a great feeling of intimacy. Another advantage is that the view is perfect, no matter where you sit - it's usually open admission - and even in 'the Gods' you are only a few feet from the stage.

The Taproot feels like a family show. Coffee and cookies are sold for a dollar at the interval. You will often see actors you recognize from previous performances manning the Box Office. On Wednesday nights the cast and Director hold a post-play discussion and, despite the inevitable lunatic who sits at the back and shouts random things about time travel, these are always great events to go along to.

The down side of this is that the productions are not always of the highest quality, but that's hardly the point. This feels like theatre being performed for the joy of it. A flyer advertising a Taproot production doesn't feel like an advertisment, it feels like an invitation from old friends.

Taproot Theatre
204 North 85th St
Seattle, Washington, 98103
Box office: +1 206 7

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