Seattle Art Museum

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by MadMax on June 19, 2002

The Seattle Art Museum, with its huge hammering man sculpture outside, is one of the most famous Seattle landmarks. It's perfectly located between Harbour Steps and the Benaroya Hall, which makes it even more of a shame that its exhibits are so uninteresting. What should be the peak of Seattle's cultural landscape is largely filled with things that offer little interest.

Perhaps that's not entirely fair. The SAM is the perfect place to go if you want to see a traditional exhibition, filled with paintings by a lesser master, it is the corporate headquarters of Seattle's art, it is the Microsoft of art, it takes no risks.

Far more interesting are the Asian Art Museum or the Bellevue Art Museum.

If you do want to go to the SAM then the best way to get there is to take the metro tunnel, which drops off at the Benaroya Hall right opposite.

Seattle Art Museum
100 University St
Seattle, Washington, 98101
(206) 654-3255

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