Member Rating 3 out of 5 by scorris on January 12, 2005

I worked at Harrod's while I lived in London, and the place is just as surreal when you're working there as it is when you're only visiting. It is primarily a tourist attraction--the only English people who actually come here are either from the country or are "new money" sorts--but it's a marvelous one at that. From the gaudy Egyptian escalator (you have to look up to see the quotes from "Ozzymandias"--surely Al Fayed is being ironic?) to the bewildering food halls to the glimpses of celebrities great and small (or even Al Fayed himself--on official visits, he is preceded by several bagpipers), Harrod's is like no other place in the world.
87-135 Brompton Road
London, England, SW1X 7XL
+44 (20) 7730 1234


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