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Save a week or two for the world’s smallest country. Besides the Sistine Chapel, thousands of famous relics, and the incredible tomb of the popes, there’s the Basilica di San Pietro. The Cathedral alone can hold 60,000 people, and was designed by Michelangelo with a backward perspective, which makes the cavernous Cathedral appear larger than it already is. Thankfully, the space lacks the garish colors that adorn most cathedrals, which lets you appreciate the myriad of beautiful marble statues. The best of these lies directly to the right of the entrance: Michelangelo’s Pieta. This masterpiece is the only one Michelangelo ever signed. Legend has it that he snuck into the Cathedral to sign the piece, afraid that no one would believe it was his. He sculpted this at the age of 25.

The rest of the Vatican is amazing as well. Walking around is like exploring an art text book.

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Vatican City
Rome, Italy

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