Burg Square

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A short distance from Market Square, is Burg Square. On one corner is Oude Griffie, the Old Recorder's House, which is now an Information Center.

The grand Stadhuis, or Town Hall, stands stately in this square. Built between 1376 and 1420, it is one of the oldest and finest town halls in Belgium.

Wait! Before exiting through Blind Donkey Alley into the 18th century Vismarkt, take time to visit the Heilig Bloed Basiliek, located in a corner of Burg Square; easily overlooked if you're not aware of the treasure contained within. Heilig Bloed Basiliek, or "Basilica of the Holy Blood," holds sacred a crystal vial said to contain a drop of Christ's blood, brought from the Crucifixion to Bruges by Joseph of Arimethea. Every year, on Ascension Day, the Relic is carried through the streets of Bruges during a solemn and colourful procession.

The Burg Square
Near Market Place
Bruges, Belgium


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