Six Flags Magic Mountain-Part 3

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by fallschirmhosen on November 15, 2004

X (Roller Coaster)
Simply called "X," I'd have to say that this roller coaster is definitely something you won't see anywhere else. They use the letter "X" to describe everything about this ride . . ."X-treme," "X-hilarating," X-cetera . . . I mean, etcetera. What is also X-treme about this ride, like Goliath, is the line-another 2.5-hour (or more) wait. After riding Goliath and not being extremely impressed, I was hoping this wait would be worth it. Boy, was it! First, the track is very wide, and instead of sitting down, you actually lay down in the chairs . . . sort of. The way it is designed, the cars are on an axel and can flip 180 degrees. It's hard to notice what actually happens to the riders when you watch it from the ground, but once you're on the ride, you definitely get a better understanding of how it works. Basically, the combination of the track and unique cars make you flip 180 degrees without even noticing. It's hard to explain, but at one moment in the ride, you'll be traveling 75mph and feel like you're moving forward, but then the track will twist and you'll all of a sudden be traveling 75mph backwards. I've never felt anything like it. And, as cool as it is, the 2.5-hour line is something I don't want to deal with again anytime soon.

Scream! (Roller Coaster)
One of their newest coasters is Scream! The big hype about this coaster is that it has a floorless design. So, although it operates and looks like a regular roller coaster, your feet dangle. Most roller coasters with feet dangling have a track above you. But, this one has no track above you, rather a track below your feet whizzing by you.

To sum it up, this is simply a very fast coaster. It has seven different kinds of loops that make you dizzy when it is over. Like I just mentioned, the big thing with the ride is the floorless design, so the ride itself is not very impressive, just the engineering behind it.
Six Flags Magic Mountain
26101 Magic Mountain Parkway
Valencia, California, 91355
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