Six Flags Magic Mountain-Part 2

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by fallschirmhosen on November 15, 2004

Superman The Escape (Thrill Ride)
Like The Riddler's Revenge, this ride is also dubbed the "tallest and fastest" in its category (thrill rides). Basically, you sit in a car that holds 11 people, and then it propels you from zero to maybe 60 to 80mph down a track. The adrenaline pumps as you see this huge vertical climb ahead of you, and you know you'll be going stright up this track in just a few seconds, unlike the Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point, which gave you no time to see the huge vertical climb ahead of you (420 feet). After being accelerated, you then shoot 90 degrees straight up on the track until gravity takes over. Then, you're pulled backwards (by gravity) back to the starting point. It's a quick ride that gets your heart pumping, but I did not leave it feeling amazed.

Goliath (Roller Coaster)
Everyone at Six Flags seemed to love this coaster. It's their highest (250+ feet) and one of their fastest (85mph), which is probably why they call it the Goliath. What is also "goliath" about this coaster is the line-it was nearly 2.5 hours long! After waiting in line, I was anticipating a great ride. The first drop into a tunnel is pretty cool and makes your stomach drop, and towards the end there are some high-speed spiral curves that really make you feel the G-forces being put on you. Also, it is rather long (3 minutes), but I did not walk away as amazed as I was after riding The Millenium Force at Cedar Point (300 foot drop, 90mph). Maybe I was just annoyed that I waited 2.5 hours to get on it.

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