Six Flags Magic Mountain-Part 1

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by fallschirmhosen on November 15, 2004

Six Flags Magic Mountain has always been one of those places that shows up on the Travel Channel's list of top amusement parks for roller coasters. So, since I visited Cedar Point last year to check out the coasters, I figured I'd check out Magic Mountain to see how it compares. Overall, it is a mighty fine park. Like Cedar Point, it has a ton of roller coasters to choose from. And, for those who cannot stomach the coasters and thrill rides, there are plenty of smaller rides, games, and snack bars to spend your day at. There aren't as many coasters as at Cedar Point, but there is definitely enough to keep you busy all day. Below is a list of what I rode:

Deja Vu (Roller Coaster)
This is a "boomerang" coaster, which means it follows the track in one direction, reaches an end, and then follows the track again in the opposite direction. It's not very high, but it is VERY compact, which also means lots of twisting and turning. Also, each end of the track is completely vertical . . . meaning, in one direction, you are facing straight up, and in the other direction, you are facing straight down. At each end of the track, they hold you there for 3 to 5 seconds. All the girls were screaming, and I was worried sick because I could feel my wallet and cell phone slowly moving in my pocket and almost falling out. For the first ride of the day, I felt like it was an excellent starter coaster. Also, they had a "Single Rider" line, which means single riders can go straight to the loading/unloading area and hop on as soon as there is an empty seat. Unfortunately, no other rides had that luxury.

The Riddler's Revenge (Roller Coaster)
This is one of those rare stand-up roller coasters. I've only been on a stand-up roller coaster two times before this, and I was not terribly impressed by either. The Riddler's Revenge changed all that. Dubbed as the tallest and fastest stand-up roller coaster in the world, the ride definitely proves its title. The drops are steep, the loops are big, and it is definitely fast. The wait for this line was not terribly long, maybe 45 minutes, and they make you put your bags and cameras in a locker ($0.50).

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Six Flags Magic Mountain
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