Sacred Valley of the Inca's

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Kez on June 6, 2002

This is a long day but you cover many miles and it is all very interesting. The scenery throughout the Sacred Valley is breathtaking. The tour covers Pisac and its markets, Urubamba, Ollantaytambo and Chinchero.

In the town of Pisac the markets are a great place to sift through what's on offer: some unusual pieces and great souvenirs. Besides the normal woolly Alpaca things and typical touristy buys, you can find some ancient treasures. We bought an Incan statue made from white granite from near Machu Picchu. There was not only old stone relics but also loads of pottery pieces. Also, from the colonial era, there were old coins, silver pieces and even the old wooden stirrups, enclosed and richly carved. I could have spent the entire day there browsing.

Ollantaytambo was the next highlight and our favourite ruin aside from Machu Picchu. Our guide was the same one as we had for the city tour so was a wealth of information.

He explained how, when originally built, the large stones (and they were gigantic) of the ruin came from across the other side of the river. When they were all down next to it, the river was actually re-routed around them so that they could be moved up into position. He also pointed out the face carved into the mountain so as to "scare" off the native peoples from the Amazon, as they carried many diseases such as malaria that the Incas had no resistance to. We also learned how they had calculated exactly where the wind would hit the mountains around them, so that when it came down through the valley, they built their storage huts for grain and dry-goods in these spots so that their food supply stayed fresh and dry.

Then we moved on to the village of Chinchero, with their church and square with their kids all wanting to know your name and where you were from.

And then after an exciting day past some of the most beautiful mountain scenery back to Cusco.

If you have the Cusco Tourist ticket all entry fees are included with this. A very enjoyable and interesting tour.

Sacred Valley of the Incas
Valley In The Andes Of Peru
Cusco, Peru

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