Queen's Pond at Polihale

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by vrp1483 on November 9, 2004

Queen's Pond at Polihale can be found by heading towards Polihale Beach Park on the can-hauling road at the end of the highway. Then turn left at the monkeypod tree. "Queen's Pond" is kind of a shallow, sandy-bottomed, sheltered lagoon formed by a dead fringing reef. It is the only place on the whole Polihale Beach where it might be safe to swim and float. The snorkeling sucks here. We swam a grid-pattern search in the pond and found two tiny fish. That was it. But it is worth it for the sunny weather and the safe swimming. It honest-to-god never rains here. If the weather is crappy elsewhere on the island, this is the place to be. It is in the rain shadow of the wettest place on earth, so it is practically the driest place on earth. There is sort of a walk to get up and over the dunes to get to the beach.
Polihale State Park
End of Highway 50, past Kekeha
Waimea, Hawaii, 96796
+1 808 587 0400


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