Bamako hills and caves

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From the city centre get a taxi out towards the zoo and ask the driver to take you to the caves near Point G. The taxi driver will probably ask 3-4000 to take you there because its way out of town. Don't go to the zoo, it's a sad sight and will only upset you. Here you will follow a very bumpy road and you will wonder where on earth he is taking you. Be patient, hold on to your seat, it will be worth it, I promise you!

The caves have been inhabited from early times. Recently attempts have been made to make them more attractive to tourists and you will find new placards telling you a little about them. Look for the wall paintings.

Spend a little time looking at the view. You will be able to see almost all the city from there. There is another viewpoint on the other side of the main road, but the road is not good and your taxi driver may not like to take his vehicle up there. For either place expect to pay 250 cfa to a guardian (think of it as a parking charge!).

Bamako Hills and Caves
Bamako, Mali

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