Market 54

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by Kookaburra on October 9, 2004

The markets are another interesting Cancun experience. The Cancun markets are set up to trap Americans who the people see as wealthy, ready to part with their money. The prices are higher than in country areas of Mexico and many of the stallholders work together to sell the goods.

It was interesting that they were wherever we went, that they all called my bearded husband Mr. Whiskers, and that they knew exactly what price we had been offered previously. Give them their due, though - when we finally bit the bullet and decided to buy something that we knew was too high a price, and as soon as they discovered we were Australian and not American, the comment was made that our exchange rate is lousy and the price was dropped. As we left the stall, the call went around to the rest of the market that Mr. Whiskers was not American, and the prices all of a sudden became reasonable. Consequently, we came away with an armload of sombreros and blankets, probably still a higher price than in rural areas, but we thought they were worth what we paid for them, and they’re a brightly coloured reminder of a holiday.

Remember, at the markets you are dealing with astute business people who know exactly what there margins are and at what point they draw the line on the bargaining. They are obviously also in touch with the daily exchange rates for the countries of their main tourists.

Downtown Open Air Market
Downtown Cancun
Cancun, Mexico

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