Ooedo Onsen (an Edo-themed hotbath house)3

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Edo-period bath house (kind of a Japanese-style spa/theme park)

First thing, put the shoes into lockers. After paying the entrance fee, every customer chooses a Japanese bath robe of special patterns in the main area outside the hot-spring baths. So exotic!

All clothing has to be left in the main changing/locker room.

In the center hall are restaurants, shops, games stalls, and a common room. There are at least two shows a day of performers in Japanese period costumes.

On either side are the men's area and women’s area. Some are outdoors. Nice.

There is a coin-operated foot massage machines and body-analysing machines. This is scan-my-batch-and-spend type of technology, so there is no need to bring cash or card, except a few ¥100 coins. You have to get used to the Japanese style of the hot bath concept, though-everyone is wearing birthday suit!!

Everyone has to wash before soaking in the various baths pools. Most items are provided, from shampoo, body lotion, and hair mousse to machine-disinfected combs.

There is also a sauna and a steam room; there are beauty and massage salons, too. Sorry, no camera allowed from the locker area onwards.

If you have a short stopover like me and want a taste of old Japan, this is very good. Some people can even use it for overnight with a little bit of top-up charges. If you fancy real hot-springs (on-sen), try somewhere else.

There are leaflets in Japanese, English, and Chinese. There are staff members who can speak Mandarin and English. Note: the shoe-locker categories are in Japanese letters.

Ooedo Onsen Monogatari Hot Springs


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