To Recall the Ancient China

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Established in 1952, the Shanghai Museum covers 38,000 square metres and is 29.5m in height with five floors on the ground and two floors underground. It houses 120,000 pieces of works of arts in collection.

The building itself is a stunning $700-million masterpiece, which is specially designed to recall an ancient ding – a three-legged food/wine vessel used for cooking and serving. The entrance is guarded by a row of lions and mythological beasts.

The main galleries are located at the first to fourth floors, which can be accessed by an escalator.

The First Floor
1. Ancient Chinese Bronze Gallery
2. Ancient Chinese Sculpture Gallery

The Second Floor
1. Ancient Chinese Ceramics Gallery
2. Zande Lou Ceramics Gallery

The Third Floor
1. Chinese Painting Gallery
2. Chinese Calligraphy Gallery
3. Chinese Seal Gallery

The Fourth Floor
1. Chinese Minority Nationalities’ Art Gallery
2. Ancient Chinese Jade Gallery
3. Chinese Coin Gallery
4. Chinese Ming & Qing Furniture Gallery
5. Room of Ancient Central Asian Coins on the Silk Road

You may need a half-day to cover all of them, and the fourth floor will take more time than the others with many more displays. My personal suggestion is to start from the fourth floor to the first floor, so that you don’t have to waste time getting down to the ground floor once you have finished.

Photography is allowed in most of the galleries.

Entrance Fee:
RMB20 for adults or RMB5 for students

Opening Time:
9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (last entry at 4pm)

Shanghai Museum
201 Renmin Avenue
Shanghai, China, 200003
(021) 63725300-132

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