Monterey Bay Aquarium

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Kindsis on October 4, 2004

If you've never been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium before, you must go!

The Aquarium is located on the edge of Monterey Bay on the central coast of California in the town of Monterey. The street it sits on is Cannery Row, made famous by the world-renowned author, John Steinbeck. It was formerly the site of a sardine canning factory and now, inside the aquarium, you can see some of the history and equipment they used.

Once inside the aquarium the exhibits are broken up into sections with the downstairs area hosting two fascinating exhibits - Jellies in Art and the newest exhibit, Sharks Myth and Mystery.

The Jellies in Art exhibit has a combination of pieces of art ranging from fabulous hand-blown, glass anemones by Dale Chihuly, to realistic glass jellyfish to abstract paintings interspersed with real life jellies (aka jellyfish).

The Sharks exhibit is really well done. As you walk through the exhibit, you also walk past tanks of sharks and cultural exhibits from various parts of the world and interactive displays such as movies, ancient masks, storytelling, and even shark rubbings and paper hat making for kids. There is something for all ages here, and it is truly a beautiful exhibit of sharks and rays that explores their roles in various cultures and myths and mysteries that surround them.

The main part of the aquarium hosts many types of sea life, with some of my favorites being the giant tuna tank (the outer reef tank), which, as of today, hosts the world’s longest-living great white shark in captivity. She looks just like a mini-Jaws. I also like the giant rust colored jelly tanks, which are mesmerizing to stand and watch. The otter tank is also a must see to observe these cute and playful creatures frolic about. And last but not least is the large kelp tank that hosts a variety of fish that seem to be suspended, just gently floating, rising and falling with the motion of the waves.

The gift shops at the aquarium are also really neat with something for everyone.

Even the food at the cafe is reasonably priced with many nutritious meals for everyone.

If you haven't been -- GO!!!

Monterey Bay Aquarium
886 Cannery Row
Monterey, California, 93940
(831) 648-4888

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