Freedom Trail

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by housefrau on June 20, 2002

Where did this grand nation begin? What are we all about? There is no better place to find out than on the Freedom Trail in Boston. Get a guide at your hotel, at a book store or from a vendor and begin your walk into history. You will see the old North church where the lantern was hung to let the revolutioners know how the British were coming.

Visit Paul Revere's house. There is access to Old Ironsides in the Charleston Harbor. Visit Fanuil Hall and go upstairs to see where many of our famous orators gave their speeches. In this city of bustling newness, there is engrained a marvelous sense of history and wonder at how we came to be as a nation. It will take you about four hours to walk the trail but spend time at each place soaking up the feeling. Bring your children when they are old enough for they will delight in what they see and remember it when the have it in history class.

Freedom Trail
15 State Street
Boston, Massachusetts, 02109
(617) 242-5642

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