Stanley Park

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Wildcat Dianne on September 29, 2004

Ellen and I planned to see Stanley Park before coming to Vancouver in order to breathe some fresh sea air and walk the trails.

We got an all-day bus pass from the 7-11 near our hotels and got on the bus to Stanley Park. We were let off at the beginning of the park, from where we proceeded to the information center. The park's trails are about 30 miles long, and we decided it would be best to shuttle around to see what the park was like before walking.

The lady at the information center told us to take the shuttle from the stop across the road to look around. A shuttle came shortly after and we climbed aboard. The lady driver, Mary, was a New Zealander with a very pleasant personality and who was very willing to recommend where to go within the park. Mary highly recommended we go to Prospect Point, where there are great views and a good restaurant. So that is what Ellen and I did. We were very happy with Mary's cheery disposition and willingness to help that we left her a little tip as we left the shuttle.

Stanley Park is located as you go towards North Vancouver. It is surrounded by the Burrard Inlet and English Bay and is an oasis of trees and woods in the middle of the city. To Ellen and me, it was the most beautiful and clean park we have seen in a long time. Prospect Point is located about halfway around the park on Burrard Inlet. Mary wasn't wrong about saying it was the most scenic part of the park, and Ellen and I spent a couple of hours there eating lunch and taking pictures of the Lion's Gate Bridge from the lookout. A wild raccoon was looking at all of the tourists from behind a fence in amazement. He didn't run when I took a close-up of him. Ellen was in awe over all of the tall pine trees and lush woods. I have seen a lot of tall pine trees in my 12 years living in Idaho, but this place never ceases to amaze me with its beauty.

Stanley Park is a welcome respite for tourists and locals who need to get away from the city but don't have the time or money to leave town. It is well worth a day's trip or more when you visit Vancouver.

Stanley Park
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