La Boom

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by Coach Bear on May 13, 2002

I met four ladies from my home area while at the beach of my hotel. We were all on vacation for the week, so we decided to check out one of the "hot spots" that the younger people kept talking about. I really was uncertain of my expectations for the evening, but I knew that there would be dancing.

At the entrance to the club was a group of about 50 young teenagers who were on their senior trips. They set a negative tone for the evening from the beginning, as they were obnoxious and demanding. Their chaperones were not far behind them in their rudeness. However, the four ladies and I decided to venture forth and try to see what could be made of our evening.

We danced and socialized and had a pleasant evening among ourselves. The music was loud, of course, but seemed to be a more brash sounding style than there was at the other clubs. Of course, there were many more people in La Boom.

The age group tended to be between 18 - 25. The clients were mostly 'whiny' and pampered, selfish, and did not have proper social skills. I found that the best way to find enjoyment here was to be in a group and to stay together.

Because of my preferences at my age (49), I doubt that I will return to La Boom. But the experience would probably be different for someone in their 20's or 30's.

La Boom
Boulevard Kukulcan Km 3.5
Cancun, Mexico

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