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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Lily135 on October 1, 2004

I have not been to many science museums so I cannot compare this with others. However I can say I enjoy going there. There are a lot of educational displays and events. There is also a computers room where you and your kids can use the computers, I am not sure how extensively. There is a very nice, open cafeteria, as well as gift shops, which are fun to look around and, of course, to shop in.

One thing I like about this place is Omni Theater. This is a dome shaped, three-dimension theater. This itself is not very exciting technology anymore. It was about 15 years ago that 3-D first came out. Well, I enjoyed what they were showing in there anyway. They have a very interesting show list, most of them fall under the catagory of documentary, historical documentary and so on. Right now, the Lord of the Ring is on. My husband loves to go, but he is also afraid of being stranded by a lot of kids. I enjoy these show before that. They show the video of Boston. You are going to feel like you are in Helicopter or even flying like bird on the city of Boston. For the first time I got sick, like carsickness.

Museum of Science
1 Museum Of Science Driveway at Science Park
Boston, Massachusetts, 02114
(617) 723-2500

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