Memphis in May BBQ Championship

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by JayneeS on October 28, 2004

This was the whole reason we went to Memphis - for the 2004 World Championship BBQ Festival. In 2003 we saw a TV special on FoodTV about it and immediately booked our vacation for 2004. Imagine our disappointment when we got to the festival and found out that after paying our entry fee we didn't have access to all the BBQ! Every single booth was private party only, which was a bitter disappointment. After walking around looking at all the booths (which were fun to look at, but I would have preferred being IN them), we found out that a tent had been set up where you could pay ADDITIONAL money to sample the BBQ. Guess what? Tent closed. It apparently was only open a few hours a day and we had missed it. We probably wouldn't have gotten in anyway since it only seated 300 people. In a nutshell: If you aren't a participant, pass on this festival.
Memphis in May
Riverside Drive and Beale Street
Memphis, Tennessee, 38103
+1 901 525 1515

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