Billie Swamp Safari

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Venturer on July 15, 2004

Billie Swamp Safari—You can spend all day at Billie Swamp Safari if you take advantage of all they have to offer. As you enter the gift shop you can purchase tickets at the back counter. You can look at the few caged animals, birds and snakes without a ticket. If you want to see the snake show, take the airboat ride or the swamp buggy tour you must purchase tickets. The airboat ride takes you across the water into a swamp where you will see alligators, snakes and birds. The motor was so loud that, even though I had earplugs in, my ears were still ringing when I went to bed that night. An airplane motor powers it, so you can imagine the sound. They give you earplugs when you buy your ticket and they furnish ear protectors for the small children.

On the swamp buggy tour you ride through water at several places and see ostriches, wild hogs, deer, raccoons, birds and other wildlife. Our driver pointed out all the different kinds of plants and animals and enlightened us about them. We hiked on trails in the campground and were fascinated by the camping huts that were nothing more than an enclosure with a roof and bunk beds inside. The roofs were made of the palm branches and did not leak.

Billie Swamp Safari
Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation, 30000 Gator Tail Trail
Clewiston, Florida
(863) 983-6101

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