State Capital, Santa Fe

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New Mexico's Capitol Building, dedicated in 1966, breaks with conventional architectural style. It's modelled on the Zia sun symbol, the symbol that appears on the state flag. Walkways approaching the building represent the sun's rays while the round central structure - the capitol itself - represents the sun. You're welcome to wander large parts of the building and may even bump into the Governor. One display, the Governor's Gallery, is just outside the Governor's Office; if you don't spot him, you can at least listen to his secretary screening calls!

Unlike most state capitols, this one truly exhibits a sense of place due to the extensive art collection on display. Each piece, whether it's done in abstract, photo-realism or any style in between, was done by an artist living and working in New Mexico. While the pieces are all different, they work together to evoke a true feeling of the American Southwest.

Here you can also discover odd facts about New Mexico, such as the state motto. We had a few suggestions: "New Mexico: Six degrees cooler than Texas!" and "Over halfway to California!" - but the real motto, "Everybody is Somebody in New Mexico," is perhaps more banal than anything we could come up with.

Hey, you're a good sport, New Mexico, give yourself a hand! You're all right!

State Capital
Old Santa Fe Trail
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