Taos Pueblo

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Once I paid $10 to attend an Irish Festival. It was a disappointment to get inside and find I had essentially just paid $10 to go shopping. Taos Pueblo is a lot like that, but more scenic.

Admission is $10 for adults, $5 for students and it’s another $5 for a photo permit if you plan to take pictures. A short, 20 minute guided tour is free with admission, but it’s not close to the professional quality Acoma Pueblo tour.

Within the adobe wall surrounding the old pueblo there is no electricity and no running water. Naturally, most of the 3000 tribe members choose to live outside the walls and enjoy modern conveniences. Only 50 people live inside today.

There are two large buildings inside the old pueblo grounds, a warren of small rooms piled upon each other, ranging from one to five stories high. North House is the one in the famous photos of Taos Pueblo, a classic southwestern pile of reddish-orange adobe walls seen against a distant mountain. Unfortunately, since I object to the photo permit policy, there’s no Taos Pueblo photo here. On the other hand, the Inn at Loreto in Santa Fe was designed based on Taos Pueblo and since there’s no charge to take photos of the Inn….

Unlike Acoma, once inside Taos Pueblo visitors are free to wander the grounds. Many small shops surround the plaza. It’s fun to poke around and see what’s inside. Usually, it’s silver or turquoise jewlry or pottery, but it could be tee shirts, drums or CDs of native music. Most shopkeepers and crafts workers are outgoing and interested in talking about their products, the weather, where you come from, or politics.

Taos Pueblo
Taos Pueblo
Taos, New Mexico


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