Aboot/About Historical Walk, Santa Fe

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Foxboro Marmot on June 18, 2004

There are a few different walking tours of Santa Fe. Some concentrate on art, some on history. We choose Aboot/About Historical Walks, mainly because their brochure talked about a whimsical approach to Santa Fe’s history.

We should have been tipped off when we met our guide, a former National Park Service ranger who still wore his hat with the flat brim sitting perfectly horizontal. A good guide, quite knowledgeable in all aspects of Santa Fe and its historical development, but we were promised whimsy!

The two hour walk did have facts and details to spare. Most interesting to us were the discussion of the original Indian culture, influence of the Spanish settlers from Mexico and eventual blending with migrants from the eastern United States who created this unique city. It’s also the best way to get into Loretta Chapel to see its ‘miraculous staircase’ and San Miguel Mission Church, built in 1610. Loretta Chapel charges $2.50 and San Miguel charges $1. These costs are included in the price of your tour – and neither is really worth it individually.

Like all walking tours, the experience depends on the ‘fit’ between the guide and the guides. Ours knew his city, welcomed questions and gave the impression that there was nothing he couldn’t answer. Our only complaint (to be read in a whiny tone of voice): he wasn’t whimsical.

Aboot / About Historical Walk
El Dorado Hotel lobby
Albuquerque, New Mexico


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