Shanghai History Museum

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by nyc_camy on June 14, 2004

I was surprised by the extent of the museum. On the ground floor, it seemed like only a display of cars/transportations. I thought it may be a waste of money. However, there were about 4 different areas of this museum. The first one was the cars. The second was the scenes from the old China from different dynasties. One was of the opium war period when people just laid around smoking opium, another was where the apothecary still used abacus to calculate how much to charge. Then afterwards, it was a more modern display section of miniature buildings and how the foreigners came to reside in Shanghai and building all the different European style buildings (at the Bund). Then there was an area for the old Shanghai posters, the tiny shoes, and other various things that represent Shanghai. The last section was a temporary display. It was a lot of information about the Silk Road.

Most of the display's description were in Chinese, so foreigners may not understand. But the wax, the cars, the various things are still interesting to look at.

Shanghai Museum
201 Renmin Avenue
Shanghai, China, 200003
(021) 63725300-132

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