15 Rides in 1 Day at Magic Mountain: Part 2

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by E. B. on August 15, 2005

After we ate, we went back for more. By this time, it was 5pm. I worried that the food in my stomach hadn’t sufficiently digested enough to go on Goliath because of the huge downward plunge. Our wait in line should bide us time. We were on and off the ride in less than 15 minutes! Had I discovered this secret before, I would have saved all the big-ticket rides for dinnertime.

Scream was next after another brief wait. We waited about 40 minutes for Batman the Ride, and then waited an hour for Riddler’s Revenge. The lines are done differently now. A park attendant directs you to a lane. There are eight lanes. Previously, there was a long line for the front seat. Now you can’t choose your own lane. You must go where the attendant says. Unfortunately, the girl working that day didn’t seat people efficiently. If there is an odd-numbered party, she left the seat empty. Many park attendants do this. All the rides should have a single-rider line like Déjà Vu. When are they going to smarten up? My friend and I asked to fill the two empty seats since we were a party of two that didn’t mind being split up. The girl shrugged and said okay. At least we jumped ahead one car by taking some initiative.

After that, we went on Tidal Wave. A tip to those wanting to get soaked: you need to be at full capacity with the heaviest members in the front. Our half-filled car had the heaviest members in the back. The kids in the front were very disappointed, but unless they let the heavy adults sit up front, they’ll never get splashed the way they want. It’s physics. My friend and I scurried across the bridge before another Tidal Wave car came through. We watched as people screamed, getting completely splashed on the bridge.

We went on Goldrusher for nostalgia’s sake. Ahh… the first roller coaster. It was actually fun. Arrowhead Splashdown was next. The same rules of physics apply. The people who packed the cars were totally soaked. Some boys tried to ride solo, but the park attendant nixed that. There’s a minimum of two riders unless only few people are waiting. My friend and I rode by ourselves, shrieking at the dirty water inside the car. We were splashed a bit, but more so by the water already in the car!

Our last ride was Revolution. I was getting really tired, but we decided that we’d ride this for nostalgia. My friend’s ears were boxed by the shoulder harness. I had no trouble on this ride, but got my ears banged up on Riddler’s Revenge. I guess it depends on your height.

We finished the park exhausted. We could do no more. We left at 8:30pm: fifteen rides in 10 hours. We dragged ourselves to Denny’s for dinner, completely spent.

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