Bull Dog Cafe

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by C.Kowalczik on September 26, 2004

The resort got a group of guests together each night and introduced a different nightclub each and every night. They offered a special admission price with an all you can drink offer.

We went to the Bull Dog Cafe. The club was in walking distance from the resort, however there was one-way transportation provided with your special admission. We got there around 11pm and were greeted with a friendly pat down before entering. Once inside there was a big open dance floor and current dance music was pumping through the sound system.

The group had a reserved section and two private waiters to get our drink orders. For me the most impressive part of the evening was the full bottle of Jose Cuervo left on each of the reserved tables. The night started slow, but soon turned into a quagmire of excited single and couples looking for everything that the Cancun nightlife had to offer.

When we finally had enough, the short walk back to the resort was but a blur. We had a great time... boy I wish I was 23 again.

Bull Dog Cafe
Boulevard Kulkulan Km. 8
Cancun, Mexico
(998) 848-98-00


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