Doge's Palace

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by ggcahill on August 3, 2004

The building is magnificent! This building was home to the ruling class of Venice for hundreds of years. It does, though, highlight one unusual aspect of life in Venice. Jump on the floors, which appear to be solid marble, and the floor seems to move. Apparently it comes from the city being built on pylons driven into the ground to provide a foundation for building on the water. A most unusual sensation.

The paintings throughout the building are magnificent as are the ceiling decorations. Unfortunately, the ceiling decorations were the end of our permission to take photos. Seems some thoughtless (and probably rather ignorant) people used flashes to take photos and this fades the paintings. Of course, the flash only has a very short range so would have done little to brighten the image. (How a flash from such a distance could affect paintings is another question.) Still, it is one of the things that you need to get used to in Europe. No photos of things that they can sell postcards of!

The Doge's Palace was one of the highlights of the Venice trip. Much more impressive than the church. The paintings gave an insight into the Venetian history.

Doge's Palace/Palazzo Ducale
Piazza San Marco
Venice, Italy, 30124
+39 0415224951

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