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As soon as you step off the tube into Camden, you have entered an alternative world. A man dressed as a punk rocker wears a signboard advertising the famous shoe--Doc Maartens--and goths, punks, and freaks of all sorts are evident around you, making their way towards the markets. Camden has a number of pubs, clubs, and stores that cater to the wilder walks of life. American goths flock here to buy club clothing that they could never find at home, and what's more, no one else will ever show up in the same outfit.

The following markets are all located in Camden and are open most days of the week. Camden Canal is only open on weekends.

The first market you will come across is like a flea market, selling T-shirts, CDs, funky clothing, and boots. Shop carefully, and shop around, as most stores offer the same merchandise as those around them. Here I found some inexpensive T-shirts (for London).

Walking up the main street, you come to the Camden Stables, where Cyberdog is located. This store is a tourist attraction in its own right, its interior decor reminiscent of a space-ship. The clothing is very pricey but very unique and cool clubwear. For those of us with a depreciating currency, the sale rack is fantastic. This is their main store. Note: no photography is allowed.

For goths, the most famous store is the Black Rose, which sells very traditional goth finery. It is located in the Stables. I found their merchandise dated, but some people still wear this style. For other styles in goth fashion, check out Darkside on the main street. Prices are high, but London offers the best goth shopping in the world. There is also an Illig store tucked into one of the markets, provided that Illig is still in business.

Along High Street, many stores offer the ubiquitous Doc Maarten in every possible color, along with the other big shoe brands, Swears and New Rocks.

For more goth shopping tips, this site is awesome. I used it to plan my trip to London.

Camden Markets
Camden High Street
Camden, London, England, NW1

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