DUCK Tours

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by BeTheBuddha on May 14, 2004

If you're going to take a tour in Boston, you must take a DUCK Tour. The tour guides, known as "conDUCKtors" are pretty funny, but the most interesting part is that the tour "bus" is an amphibious vehicle that can go on land and in the water - meaning the tour bus drives into the Charles River and becomes a boat! Our conDUCKtor was Mad Capt, this crusty old seadog with a fake parrot (whose bio you can see on the main site) took us all around the historic points of Boston (Boston Commons, Faneuil Hall, etc.). This is a great tour to take with family in the afternoon a hot day when everyone needs a break anyway.
Boston Duck Tours
3 Copley Place
Boston, Massachusetts, 02116
(617) 723 3825

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